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Redditor AL0311 posted this picture of his friend dressed up as Ray Rice on Sunday, writing, “My friend came to the party as Ray Rice.”

“Ladies were falling for my friends Ray Rice costume,” he wrote in a second post today.

This is fucking disgusting. What part of a woman being KNOCKED OUT UNCONSCIOUS is funny/appropriate for Halloween? Stop.

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Come on its a fucking costume

Except it’s not a fucking costume. It’s a piece of shit guy dressing as another piece of shit guy. Do you think it’s okay that Ray Rice knocked out his wife in an elevator then dragged her out of the elevator unconscious? Do you think it’s okay that the only reason the NFL took it seriously was because they were forced to once the elevator video was leaked? Do you think it’s okay that her privacy was completely invaded and now there is a video of her GETTING DRAGGED OUT OF AN ELEVATOR UNCONSCIOUS BY HER HUSBAND? No. It’s fucking gross. Absolutely disgusting. There is nothing funny or even remotely okay about making a joke out of something like this. 

As a survivor of a pretty nasty abusive relationship (it was bad,) I just want to say: Come on, it’s a fucking costume.

And as a survivor of multiple very abusive relationships, I can tell you that although it may not affect you and you may think it’s a fucking costume, I’ll tell you that my reaction to it is a lot different. It does affect me and I don’t think it’s just a fucking costume. I’m sure Janay Palmer doesn’t think it’s a costume either. It’s very disrespectful. 





When did shia become d*ddy……

^^ right! when did alladis occur????

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Roxy Ferrari photographed by Brandon Savoy

*Adds caged bustier to Christmas List*

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